Testosterone Replacement Programs for Men

We have three testosterone replacement programs. Pellet therapy (highly recommended), testosterone shots by self-injection, and testosterone shots by weekly in-office injections (by Dr Edman).


All programs have an one-time initial evaluation fee of $400. Thereafter, a monthly subscription fee will be charged to a credit card on file. Initial and on-going fees do not include lab work, medication costs, pellet insertion kits and services outside of testosterone replacement (and estrogen balancing, if necessary). There are no contracts and you may stop at any time.

Self-injection: $50 per month. Cost for medications/supplies approximately $200-300/yr (depends on dose).

Pellet therapy: $50 per month. Cost for pellets/supplies approximately $400-600/yr (depends on dose).

In-office injections: $175 - 250 per month. Testosterone is included. Price depends on dose and frequency of injections (either once a week or once every two weeks).


All program participants will receive the following benefits for being part of a hormone replacement program with Dr Edman:

  1. Direct access to Dr Edman: You will be provided with Dr Edman's personal cell phone number for calling or texting questions, requesting refills, etc.
  2. Ten per cent off any aesthetic/sexual health procedures (Coolsculpting, GAINSWave for ED, P-shots, O-shots, laser resurfacing, fillers, Botox, etc). We offer an array of aesthetic services including CoolSculpting, Botox, fillers, photo-facials, microneedling, Vampire Facials/Facelifts, PRP hair restoration, laser hair removal, pigmented skin lesion treatment, cutting edge erectile dysfunction and sexual health procedures, double-chin treatments and more. You will always receive 10% off any of these unless there is ongoing special for the treatment of your choice.
  3. A yearly $100 coupon for any aesthetic or sexual health treatment. This is like cash. You may combine this with any ongoing special or with your 10% discount above. It may not be combined with skin care products or medications purchased from our office.
  4. Ten percent off skin care products or medications purchased from our office.
  5. If you are in a weight loss program, then your monthly fee for weight loss will be $135 or $162 instead of $150 or $180  (ten per cent off).
  6. A yearly review of overall health via Skype or phone. If you desire, once a year you can have a complete “wellness” blood panel and a 30 minute review of the results. Dr Edman is particularly adept advising clients on their overall health via blood panels. While this is not intended to replace your primary physician, these reviews can offer important insights into your wellness in general and your ongoing care outside of the areas of hormone replacement. Laboratory fees are not included, however depending on your insurance, these may be covered in whole or in part.