Testosterone Replacement Options


 There are no pills to treat low testosterone. Testosterone must be delivered either through the skin (transdermally ), by weekly injections, or by long-acting implanted pellets. Dr. Edman will help select the best option for you.


Testosterone injections

Probably the most common method of replacing testosterone is via weekly injections.  While this may sound somewhat challenging at first, is actually quite simple and Dr. Edman has trained hundreds of his clients to perform these injections in the privacy of their own home. Not only is it safe , but it also eliminates the necessity and expense of weekly visits to the clinic.


Testosterone pellets

Implanted pallets of testosterone or achieved through a fifteen minute office visit.   These fillets last for 4 to 5 months and are a convenient and economical way of delivering testosterone. Pellets are a time tested method of delivering testosterone and have several advantages including eliminating the need for weekly injections and the need to carry a vial of testosterone and syringe is while away from home.