My experience at the office of Dr. Edman has been outstanding. Dr. Edman is very professional, knowledgeable, and easy to talk with. His office is pleasant and inviting and the treatments I received there have been comfortable and also very educational because Dr. Edman has been great at explaining things and answering questions in a personal way. I felt right at ease and I looked forward to visiting his office each week.
— 50ish GAINSWave Client, California
I have enjoyed our sessions and the results of the treatments. I truly didn’t expect the total recovery I am witnessing now.

It is a REAL pleasure to come back to “normal” at 88 years of age.

Thank you Jeff. My performance in sex has improved to an impressive level.

It was a combination of a multi sided and effective physical treatments and your wisdom in the area of “making love well”.
— 88 year old Gainswave client, California
Dr. Jeff: You made getting the Gainswave treatment easy, informative and fun. I appreciate your wholistic approach to healthcare and wellbeing. I’m looking forward to enjoying the benefits.
— 50ish GAINSWave Client, California
We just need to clone him :-) Dr Edman is awesome - very easy to talk to, very knowledgeable about wellness and lab results, positive and supportive, balanced in his approach for meds and supplements, and he explains things beautifully.
— WellnessFX client, California

He’s what a Doctor should be. Thoughtful, considerate. It’s obvious that he spent time thinking about my case.
— Phil, California

He was thorough, took a genuine interest, listened well, was decisive, was motivated to help, was thought-provoking, and gave tangible, accessible recommendations to help me get to my best self. He brought all his knowledge from his ongoing education, and his years of practice to the table, but still considered me as an individual: considering my story and my symptoms as much as my lab results. That’s a rare and inspiring combination in a caregiver. Thank you!
— WellnessFX Client, California