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Testosterone wars!!!

It does seem to be getting a bit heated between the pro-T and anti-T camps. Check out this article.

 Why would a physician say the following:

"...Dr Finkelstein countered, "The symptoms of hypogonadism are no different from the symptoms of life in men. It's not like chest pain….If I complain of feeling tired and my sexual desire isn't what it was when I was 20, that completely overlaps with normal. Basing treatment on symptoms will never be effective. There isn't a distinct symptom complex."

Seriously Dr. Finkelstein? If we didn't base treatment on symptoms, what would you propose we do? Oh, that's right. Treat laboratory values (that was a no-no when I went to med school).

But that is exactly what he proposes:

"...For the guys with levels that are persistently below 150 [ng/mL], I think it's reasonable to give a diagnostic therapeutic trial."

Reasonable? Dr Finkelstein, have you ever seen a patient with a testosterone below 150? They are the easy ones to diagnose. You don't even need lab values - because they have such severe symptoms!

Fortunately, there are some more enlightened voices out there. Check out what Dr Ronald Swerdlow says:

"Many disorders, like high blood pressure, get worse as you age….Just because these things occur with increased frequency in an older age group doesn't mean it isn't worthy of concern. That would be like saying there's no point for anyone over age 65 to see a physician….The issue is, will the treatment of the hypogonadism benefit the individual?"

Hmm... that sounds just like my last blog post. No wonder I like it.

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Jeff Edman