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Every time an article comes out which purportedly shows the cardiovascular risks of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), a firestorm of media attention ensues. However, almost every study that shows the benefits of TRT is ignored (and there are a lot more of the latter). In my opinion, there are so many nails are in the coffin of the cardiovascular risk arguments of TRT that the lifeless corpse should not be able to get out anymore. Yet like a zombie, it just keeps coming back.

Most physicians seem to be unaware of the benefits of TRT and patients are concerned.  I hear about it all the time.

Respected testosterone researcher and physician Abe Morgenthaler wrote a succinct article debunking the myths about TRT and cardiovascular disease. It is a quick read for anyone concerned or lacking knowledge about TRT. By the way, Dr Morgenthaler was largely responsible for debunking the myth that TRT caused prostate cancer. Fortunately, that myth seems to be dead for good.


TestosteroneJeff Edman