When are we finally going restrict Tylenol (acetaminophen) use?

Acetaminophen is poison. There are over 100,000 accidental and intentional poisonings in the US each year. Somewhere between 150 and 450 people in the US die each year due to acute liver failure as a result of Tylenol overdose. Fewer people die from terrorism yearly (with one exception, nearly 3000 people died in the 2001 terrorist attacks).

Liver toxicity occurs frequently with acetaminophen usage, even at recommended doses.

In this latest study, acetaminophen use is associated with an increased incidence of autism and ADHD in exposed offspring.

Please note that I am not advocating that people who use acetaminophen should switch to an NSAID (aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen) for chronic use. NSAIDs have problems of their own (cardiovascular risks). I am advocating for intelligent and safe pain control (omega 3s often work well for chronic joint pain). What really irks me is that every 24 count bottle of Tylenol is potentially a lethal dose. That's crazy.

Enough is enough.