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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Statistics show that:

  • 50% of men over 50 have erectile dysfunction

  • ED has a significant impact on quality of life

ED can be treated effectively and we provide breakthrough modalities offered nowhere else on the Central Coast - like GAINSWave and the P-shot.

What are the benefits of GAINSWave┬« therapy?

By expanding existing blood vessels and generating new ones, GAINSWave helps to improve blood flow to the penis and offers men these benefits:

  • Drug Free

  • Non-invasive

  • Surgery free

  • Improves blood flow

  • Improved Erection Quality

  • Harder and More Full Erections

  • Improved Sexual Performance

  • Improved Sensitivity

Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone loss is real, not a marketing ploy. It can happen at any age. In our practice, we have seen men from 20 to 80 years old suffering from low testosterone.


 Testosterone replacement can:

  • Improve vitality

  • Preserve and enhance muscle mass

  • Give back that "competitive edge"

  • Reduce the risk of developing diabetes

  • Improve erectile function

  • And much more

Basically, if you are a male of any age, you should, at a minimum, have your testosterone levels checked.


Weight Loss Programs

Whether you have that final five pounds that you just can't get off or significantly more weight, Dr Edman can help. You don't need to "starve" on our programs and medications help give you the willpower to avoid temptation.


Youthful Living

Clean living, revitalizing exercise, healthful rest, and mindfulness all contribute to a youthful body. Here we share tips and tricks to maintain an ageless body.


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